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Which HD Channel Will DIRECTV Add Next?
By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (May 13, 2013) - Editor's Note: TV's Answer Man, aka Swanni, takes your questions regarding how to best use the latest products and services in TV technology. If you have a question about TV technology, ask TV's Answer Man by sending an e-mail to

Q. You wrote that DIRECTV might have 200 HD channels in the near future. What channels might it still add? And what do you think will be their next HD addition? -- Roxy, Cleveland, Ohio.

Yes, on April 29, we published an analysis noting that DIRECTV now says it has more than 190 HD channels and could pass the 200 channel mark this year, at least by its count. The milestone would give the satcaster a formidable marketing weapon in the all-important holiday season subscription drive.

As for future channels, there are still quite a few HD networks that DIRECTV has not added, such as the Reelz Channel, WE TV, Sundance, Game Show Network, Oxygen, TV One, PBS' Sprout (my daughter is hoping for that one), Fox Movie Channel and the Logo Network (and there are plenty more).

At that moment, DIRECTV carries them all in standard-definition, but not in HD.

There are also channels that DIRECTV hasn't added in either SD or HD, such as the Pac 12 Network, Epix and CSN Houston.

But if I had to bet on one high-def channel that DIRECTV will add next, I would say the Sundance Channel.


For starters, Dish recently added Sundance in HD and DIRECTV hates to see its satellite rival have any marketing advantage.

Second, Sundance, which is owned by AMC Networks, is quickly boosting its lineup of original programming, most recently launching the drama, Rectify. In short time, Sundance's ratings will start to improve.

The Game Show Network, in which DIRECTV has a hefty financial stake, is another likely future addition. But I'm betting on Sundance next.

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