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Can I Make Skype Calls On Any HDTV?
By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (May 27, 2013) - Editor's Note: TV's Answer Man, aka Swanni, takes your questions regarding how to best use the latest products and services in TV technology. If you have a question about TV technology, ask TV's Answer Man by sending an e-mail to

Q. I was interested in getting Skype on my TV and I read that there are TVs that come with Skype, but some are very expensive. Is there a way to get Skype on my Blu-ray player? Other alternatives? -- Gia, Miami, Florida.

First, for those not familiar with Skype, it permits you to engage in high-def video phone calls over the Internet. The service is growing in popularity because any Skype call between two Skype account holders is free.

Note: You will need an Internet connection with a minimum speed of 500 kbps (and 1.2 Mbps for high-def) and a Skype account which you can set up at

Several new TVs come with web cameras inside, which enable you to set up a Skype account and participate in video chats right on your set. For example, check out this
Samsung 46-inch LED TV.

You also can set up a Skype camera directly to any HDTV's HDMI port so you can make high-def phone calls on your set.
This Logitech camera would do the trick.

And, yes, you can set up a Skype account using a Blu-ray player and a TV that does not come with a camera.

To do so, you first need a Skype-ready Blu-ray player, such as this
Sony Blu-ray Player, available today for $248 at Amazon.

Then, you will need to purchase a web camera that is compatible with your player. Skype recommends these three cameras. You then connect the camera to the back of your Blu-ray player and set it on top of your TV.

After that, you're ready to go. Turn the camera on and click the Skype button on screen. The Skype-ready Blu-ray player comes with Skype software. The on-screen instructions will explain how you make calls.

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