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Greta Van Susteren: Is She Done At Fox News?
By Allison Moore

Washington, D.C. (July 3, 2013) - Editor's Note: TV's Answer Woman, aka Allison Moore, takes your questions regarding TV stars and shows. If you have a question about TV entertainment, ask TV's Answer Woman by sending an e-mail to

Q. I read that Megyn Kelly is being moved to primetime at the Fox News Channel. Does this mean the end of Greta Van Susteren's show? -- Gary, Dallas, Texas.

Gary, that's the question being asked by every news junkie in town. Fox News has announced that Megyn Kelly, who now hosts a daily news show at 1 p.m., will be shifted to primetime when she returns from maternity leave late this year.

But if she goes to primetime, who will she replace? Bill O'Reilly? No way. His ratings are still boffo. Sean Hannity? Not likely. Shep Smith? Probably not. He brings a credibility to Fox News that's hard to replace.

So that leaves Greta whose ratings have been on the decline in recent months?

Fox denies that Greta is going anywhere, noting it has signed all of their primetime stars to longterm contracts. But contracts are made to be broken in TV and I have no doubt that Fox News chief Roger Ailes would love to see Megyn Kelly in Greta's slot at 10 p.m. ET.

We'll see what happens. Meanwhile, there are rumors that Greta wants to return to CNN where she used to co-host a morning show on legal matters. Every one is denying that one, too, but it would make sense, wouldn't it?

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