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Denzel Washington: Did He Cheat On His Wife?
By Allison Moore

Washington, D.C. (July 13, 2013) - Editor's Note: TV's Answer Woman, aka Allison Moore, takes your questions regarding TV stars and shows. If you have a question about TV entertainment, ask TV's Answer Woman by sending an e-mail to

Q. In my book, Denzel Washington can do no wrong, but I hear he's having marriage problems? What's up with that? -- Reggie, Detroit.

Reggie, Radar Online reports that a mysterious young woman is trying to sell photos of Denzel allegedly kissing her and, well, having a good time with her while sitting on a chair. As you can imagine, the reports are causing a strain on his 30-year marriage to Pauletta Pearson.

But Denzel is denying that a divorce is in the works, despite the infidelity rumors. The Huffington Post writes that a Washington rep says the couple is "not divorcing, not separating."

But this is not the first time that Denzel has been accused of putting his goods in the wrong cupboard. During the filming of Out of Time (great movie by the way), the tabloids were filled with gossip about an alleged affair with co-star Sanaa Lathan, who played his wife in the film.

But Hollywood affairs often come and go, leaving strong marriages still in intact. With 30 years in the bank, my bet is on the Denzel-Pauletta marriage staying put.

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