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Jennifer Esposito: Why Does She Always Play a Cop?
By Allison Moore

Washington, D.C. (May 2, 2014) - Editor's Note: TV's Answer Woman, aka Allison Moore, takes your questions regarding TV stars and shows. If you have a question about TV entertainment, ask TV's Answer Woman by sending an e-mail to

Q. I've always been a big fan of Jennifer Esposito, but why does she always play a cop? What's up with that? -- Aida, Reno, Nevada.

Aida, that's a good question. It does seem like Jennifer Esposito, the 41-year-old actress from Brooklyn, does play a policeman quite a bit. Her most recent TV work was as a cop in Blue Bloods and she's played a law enforcement officer in several other shows and films including Taxi, Law & Order, Bending the Rules and Crash, the hit movie.

There is something about Jennifer that suggests toughness and discipline so that must be why directors turn to her when cop casting.

And guess what? She's going to play a policewoman again in the new show, Taxi Brooklyn, a comedy/drama which will debut on NBC on June 25, according to

The wire service writes that the show will also star Jacky Ido as a taxi driver in Brooklyn who helps the police solve crimes.

Better that than solve the traffic in Brooklyn.

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