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Another Wall Street Analyst Gets Apple TV Wrong
By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (March 13, 2013) - Here we go again.

Wall Street analyst Peter Misek said in a note to investor clients yesterday that Apple will not launch a company-branded TV this year after all. Misek had earlier said the TV would be introduced in March. Yes, March of 2013. This month.

Business Insider writes that Misek says Apple is delaying production because it "wants a display that looks like 4K/Ultra HD but without the super premium cost (of that set)." 4K TVs are now going for up to $20,000.

Of course, Misek and fellow Wall Street analysts Gene Munster have made several predictions about a new Apple TV in the last few years -- all predictions that have been wrong.

Business Insider writes that Misek said an Apple TV was in full production in August 2012; of course, it wasn't. The publication also notes that the analyst said in March 2012 that Apple would begin production of the set in May 2012 and it would go on sale by the end of 2012. Wrong on all counts.

And in 2011, Misek said Apple would start production on the TV in February of 2012.

Wrong then, too.

My question is: Why does Misek have "investor clients?"

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