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San Diego to Hold Hearing On Padres Blackout
By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (March 14, 2013) - Politicians sometimes issue feckless press releases calling on TV providers and programmers to end a fee fight that threatens to lead to a channel blackout. But a San Diego City Councilwoman today will take an unprecedented step in an effort to get Time Warner Cable to broadcast San Diego Padres baseball games.

Sherri Lightner is holding a hearing today to listen to testimony from Time Warner Cable and Fox Sports San Diego as to why they can't reach an agreement for the former to carry the latter, according to

Dish, DIRECTV and Cox have all agreed to carry the new Fox Sports San Diego, which will air  the Padres games, by April 1, in time for the Padres' season opener against the New York Mets. The channel also airs games featuring the Los Angeles Clippers and Anaheim Ducks.

But Time Warner Cable, the largest TV provider in the San Diego area, has failed to sign on so Lightner will get the
companies to do something in public they apparently have had trouble doing in private -- talk to each other.

Since Time Warner Cable claims Fox is asking for 400 percent more than Cox wanted to carry the Padres games in 2012, it's unlikely that Lightner will work any miracles today. But it will be interesting to see what the company officials say in public about what has become an emotional issue in the San Diego area.

And who knows? Talking is good, right?.

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