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Black Friday: 47-Inch LCD HDTVs For $299?
By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (October 3, 2012) -- Another day, another set of Black Friday predictions from a web site that tracks online and retail deals. This time it's from DealNews.com and the site is making some bold forecasts for prices on HDTVs on the big shopping day.

For instance, says DealNews.com, you can expect that 42-inch 1080p LCD HDTVs will be available for $189. (The web site, GottaDeal.com, earlier this week predicted that 42-inch,1080p HDTVs will go for $349 on Black Friday.).

DealNews predicts that 32-inch,1080p LCD HDTVs will be available for $159 on the big day and 47-inch, 1080p LCD HDTVs will go for as low as $299.

With 42" sets bottoming out at $189, 46" and 47" HDTVs are the new "entry level" TVs, giving retailers plenty of room to slash prices. We're thus doubling down and predicting that this size category, like 42" last year, will see the most aggressive deals this November," the site writes.

Moving to larger-screen sets, DealNews.com says 55-inch, 1080p LCD HDTV will be available for $499 while 3D versions of the 55-inch set will be priced at $789. The site sees 60-inch, 1080p LCD HDTVs going for $719 while Plasma 60-inch, 1080p sets will be available for $569.

And if you're concerned that the low prices will only be available on generic brands, DealNews.com has this to say:

eep in mind that there are very few third-tier 60" HDTVs sold anymore, so the deals you'll find will be on brand-name sets from the likes of Samsung, LG, and Sharp."

For background, retailers traditionally offer deep discounts on the day after Thanksgiving, better known as Black Friday, the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. (Black Friday this year will be November 23.)

The discount prices are often available for one day only -- and may include restrictions on time and supply. Discount hunters also have to contend with the frenzied atmosphere of Black Friday which some shoppers view as a day of combat.

DealNews.com also predicts that Blu-ray players with Wi-Fi built-in will be had for $39 while 3D versions will be $59.

Click to see Black Friday predictions.from GottaDeal.com.

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