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More Bad News For Blockbuster Video
By Swanni 

Washington, D.C. (February 19, 2012) -- How long will Dish Network continue to support Blockbuster Video?

We noted
here recently how Dish seems to be pulling away from its commitment to the ailing video chain. (Dish purchased the company in a bankruptcy auction last spring.) And now comes word from the web site Zatz Not Funny that Blockbuster apparently is pulling its Video on Demand app from TiVo DVRs, effective March 31.

The site quotes an e-mail sent to one TiVo/Blockbuster user:

We have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that, as of 3/31/12, the Blockbuster app will no longer be available on your TiVo DVR. We are updating our technology platform and will not be able to continue supporting your device. You won’t be able to watch movies from Blockbuster On Demand on your device, but you can still watch on any of our other devices or stream via PC or Mac," the e-mail stated.


And that's not all.
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that 10 of the 26 Blockbuster stores in its market are in the process of closing. A Dish spokeswoman tells the newspaper that only 'profitable' stores will stay in business.

Dish has said previously that it plans to close non-profitable Blockbuster stores, but it appears that it's not wasting any time doing so.

What do you think? Offer your comments below!

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