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Lifetime Lowers the Ax On Drop Dead Diva
By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (January 16, 2013) -- Lifetime has dropped the drama Drop Dead Diva after four seasons, Deadline.com reports.

The show starred Brooke Elliott as a dead model trapped inside the body of a smart, shapely attorney. While the ratings shaped up, too, often capturing more than two million viewers per episode (not bad for Lifetime), Deadline.com reports that Lifetime execs had doubts the show's content fits with the network's current agenda.

Lifetime reportedly is looking for shows that generate more buzz and interest from critics.

Despite that, Drop Dead Diva tried to liven things up with stunt casting, using Kim Kardashian in a recurring role. But it was not enough to land a fifth season for the show.

Thus far, it appears that Lifetime will stay with Army Wives, which will enter its seventh season this year.

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