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TLC Cancels Long-Running What Not to Wear

By Allison Moore

Washington, D.C. (March 7, 2013) -- TLC has cancelled the makeover series, What Not to Wear, after 10 seasons, the channel announced yesterday.

The show, which features a makeover of an 'unsuspecting' person who was suggested by friends and/or relatives, will finish its tenth season in July 2013.

“After 10 incredible seasons, we felt that it was the right time to end the series,” Amy Winter, executive vice president and general manager of TLC, said in a statement. "Stacy and Clinton have also become two of the most sought after fashion experts and TV personalities in the industry. We're so proud to have had the two of them along with Carmindy and Ted as the glam squad behind this fan-favorite show, and the final episodes will definitely be a celebration of this monumental run."

Why did TLC cancel the show now after 10 seasons?

What Not to Wear's ratings have been in decline for some time and even avid fans have lamented on message boards that you can only go to the makeover well so many times.

The last two episodes will air back-to-back in July.

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