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Comcast to Take On Netflix

Washington, D.C. (September 16, 2010) -- Comcast says it's getting ready to compete head-to-head with Netflix's video streaming service, according to an article by Home Media Magazine.

Comcast CFO Michael Angelakis told a financial conference yesterday that the cable operator's Xfinity Broadband service is designed to offer movies and TV shows streamed over the Net.

Netflix now offers thousands of programs via Broadband lines on such devices as the XBox 360, Blu-ray players and even the new Apple TV set-top. The lineup includes HD and SD programming.

But Comcast says it can compete effectively with Netflix.

"I think we have all the ingredients to compete effectively with the Netflix offering,” Angelakis said, according to Home Media. “It boils down to us taking those ingredients and executing better with a specific plan.”

The Comcast executive did not say exactly when, or where, its Net streaming service will be offered.

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