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By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (September 21, 2010) -- DIRECTV subs, if you're waiting for your TV provider to add G4 HD, you may have to wait quite a bit longer.

In fact, you might even lose the standard-definition version of the channel devoted to video gaming.

The Los Angeles Times reports that DIRECTV and Comcast, which owns G4, are embroiled in yet another contentious battle over programming fees.

The two companies locked horns last year over the Comcast-owned Versus sports channel, which ultimately forced DIRECTV to drop the channel from its lineup for several months. (An agreement was reached shortly before the NHL playoffs, which Versus carries, allowing DIRECTV to resume airing the channel.)

The Times writes that G4's current agreement with DIRECTV expires at month's end. And G4 executives are already preparing for the satcaster to drop the channel if talks go south.

"G4 offered DIRECTV the same basic deal we have had for the past three years. However they still plan to drop the network and deny G4 fans the only network that focuses on the popular gaming lifestyle," the channel told DIRECTV in a statement.

G4 yesterday was even planning to make the battle a topic of discussion on the channel's popular show, Attack of the Show, but backed off at the last second, according to the Times.

DIRECTV, writes The Times, would not comment on the nature of the talks with Comcast.

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