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DIRECTV to Add 5 HD Channels?
By Swanni 

Washington, D.C. (August 8, 2012) -- Will DIRECTV add five new HD channels this month?

Earlier this week, we reported that satellite message boards, DBSTalk.com and SatelliteGuys.Us. were overflowing with comments that DIRECTV was planning to add National Geographic Wild HD and BBC America HD sometime in August.

Fueling the rumors was a Facebook post purportedly from a DIRECTV employee on DIRECTV's Facebook page that says BBC America HD will be added as early as this month.

However, this morning, "Sixto," a frequent DBSTalk poster who has access to DIRECTV's test signals, says the satcaster is now testing five HD channels:

BBC America HD
National Geographic HD
Disney Jr.
beIN Sport HD

TV providers sometimes test signals for channels that never make it to the air for a variety of reasons, including failed negotiations between the provider and the programmer. But a signal test is often a strong indicator that the channel will soon be added.

In addition, "SatelliteRacer," a frequent DBSTalk poster who works for DIRECTV, has posted that both BBC America HD and National Geographic Wild HD will be added and he hinted there could be more than that.

He said the channels will be added in two weeks or less "if all goes well."

While the reports have not been confirmed, DBSTalk.com has often been a place where DIRECTV employees and insiders drop a first word about an upcoming channel launch or other company development.

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