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Does DIRECTV Have a Wi-Fi HD DVR?
By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (January 11, 2013) -- DIRECTV is expected to introduce a wireless HD DVR sometime this year, according to news reports.

If the satcaster does launch a HD DVR with Wi-Fi built-in, it would likely significantly boost its Video on Demand buy rates as well as encourage more people to use its Whole Home service, which enables subscribers to watch one room's DVR content in multiple rooms of the house.

The above two services require a subscriber's set-top to be connected to the Internet and DIRECV has had difficulty persuading people to either directly connect a Net cable to the box or buy an Internet adapter that would pick up a home network signal.

With a Wi-Fi HD DVR, the subscriber could more easily capture the signal of his or her home network because no additional connection or equipment would be needed.
DIRECTV included the wireless HD DVR (HR 44) at its exhibit this week at the Consumer Electronics Show. But the satellite TV service has kept the box on quiet mode, not revealing it in any product announcements or public statements.

Engadget's Ben Drawbaugh writes that a DIRECTV representative told him that the wireless HD DVR would be introduced this year, but the rep would not provide any pricing details or launch dates.

Drawbaugh notes that the HR44 performs the same tasks as the HR34, which is now available to subscribers, such as being able to record up to five shows at the same time.

DBSTalk.com, the message board favored (and sometimes populated) by DIRECTV employees, says DIRECTV is now testing the HR44.

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