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Dish Execs Get Big Pay Cuts In 2012
By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (March 26, 2013) - Dish CEO Joe Clayton made less than $1 million in salary and other compensation last year after making nearly $10 million in 2011, writes Multichannel News.

Clayton's 2012 compensation ($907,000) stands in stark contrast to what DIRECTV CEO Mike White made in 2012: more than $18 million, which tripled his 2011 compensation.

Multichannel News writes that Clayton received $9.8 million in 2011 even though he only joined the company in June of that year. The majority of his 2011 compensation came in stock and option awards, but he received no bonus, stock options or awards in 2012.

Clayton's salary, however, did double to $900,000 from $467,000 in 2011.

The Dish CEO wasn't the only top company executive who took a hit to the wallet in 2012. Multichannel News writes that COO Bernard Han received $480,500 in 2012, compared to $1.5 million in 2012, while executive vice president Thomas Cullen's annual compensation fell from $1.5 million in 2011 to $456,617 in 2012.

Both executives did not get stock options and awards in 2012, which they did in 2011.

Dish added 89,000 net subscribers in 2012, trailing DIRECTV, which gained 199,000 net subs.

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