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Gadget of the Day: The Roku 3
By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (March 13, 2013) - We are now featuring the Gadget of the Day -- a TV-related product that is earning strong consumer and/or critical reviews -- and one that's available at a significant discount compared to what other retailers might be asking for it.

Today's Gadget of the Day is the Roku 3, the new edition of the company's streaming set-top boxes. It's available today at Amazon for $99.

Here is the Amazon page for the Roku 3

Roku 3 include a faster Wi-Fi, improved search and a better interface, according to USA Today. Roku offers 750 channels of streaming channels; some free and some not, such as Amazon and Netflix. (See: Roku Has 700 Channels - But Are They Free?)

The box will allow viewers to search for a program across Roku's 750 channel lineup. For example, if you were trying to find an obscure Francois Truffaut film, the Roku 3 search engine would check each channel and then display the results for any channel that offered that film.

In addition, the Roku 3 includes a headphone jack in the remote control which can mute the sound while you continue watching and listening via headphones.

The Roku 3, which is today's third-best selling electronics product at Amazon, has a customer rating of 4.5 stars out of a possible five, based on 83 reviews. Here are some excerpts from the reviews:

After a few days with Roku 3 I decided to upgrade my initial 4-star rating to a 5-star. I still wish Roku supported YouTube natively but the lack of it is mitigated by the major improvements this new Roku has over its predecessors. Amazon's reviewing guideline suggests that 5 stars means "I love it" and I absolutely do love Roku 3. Indeed, I can easily switch to my PS3 or Blu-ray player if I wanted to watch YouTube but there's no other device with such a great selection of channels and the better, faster user interface alone is worth one extra star."

"The Roku 3's user interface is just awesome, and much snappier than the pervious one.  It's much easier to navigate the channels with the new user interface. They also added a centralized search where you can search for titles or actors across all channels and they then show which channels offer that content. This is really an AWESOME and very useful feature! Besides the improved UI, I really love the new remote control, which contains a head-set jack and volume controls."

To learn more about the Roku 3, click:
Roku 3

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