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Kaley Cuoco: F---- The Dish Network!
By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (March 12, 2013) - Kaley Cuoco, star of CBS' The Big Bang Theory, now knows where her bread is buttered. And it's not on a Dish.

The perky blonde ran into some corporate trouble late last month when she agreed to promote Dish's Hopper HD DVR in a tweet on her Twitter page. CBS, her employer, is
locked in a bitter legal dispute with Dish over the Hopper which can automatically eliminate network primetime commercials.

Shortly after reporters began inquiring about the tweet, Cuoco deleted it and Dish later claimed that CBS made her excise it. The network denied the charge.

But speaking last night
at a Television Hall of Fame ceremony which inducted CBS CEO Les Moonves and five others, Cuoco made it clear that she's ready to jump when asked. reports that Cuoco turned to Moonves during her remarks and said, "F---- the Dish Network. Are we cool now. Are we good?"

Yahoo did not report how Moonves, who, during his remarks, said loyalty was the most important thing to him during his reign at CBS, responded to Cuoco's attempt at dissolving the issue with humor.

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