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Mitsubishi 'Goes Big' With 92-Inch 3D HDTV
By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (June 2, 2011) -- Mitsubishi has unveiled its 'Go Big' 2011 HDTV lineup which includes a 92-inch, 3D DLP set priced at $5,999.

This is the first look at Mitsubishi's new strategy since it announced last March that it's exiting
the LCD business to concentrate on large-screen televisions. The company had been struggling to compete in the LCD category, falling behind such companies as Vizio, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and LG in sales of the flat-screen set. However, Mitsubishi is one of the few TV makers to offer microdisplay rear and front-projection sets larger than 73 inches.

The 92-inch set is featured in Mitsubishi's new Diamond 840 Series which also includes 73-inch and 82-inch models, priced at $2,599 and $4,199 respectively. The Diamond 840 Series includes a 16-speaker Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound system and Bluetooth Audio. Mitsubishi says the sets also come with a 'Clear Contrast Screen,' which promises to deliver deeper black colors and brighter whites.

The company adds that the 92-inch set offers four times the viewing area of a 46-inch LCD TV.

“Consumers are demanding outrageously large screens with the high speed response and picture quality to transform 3D TV watching into a bigger-than-life, fully immersive experience,” Mitsubishi said in a press release.

Mitsubishi's new 740 series also include wireless Internet built-in to the televisions. (The 840 series includes wireless Internet capability). The Net feature provides instant access to such online services as Vudu's VOD, Pandora's music service, Facebook, Twitter and Picasa.

The 740 series includes a 73-inch and 82-inch model, priced respectively at $2,099 and $3,499.

Mitsubishi's new 640 series includes a 73-inch set for $1,599. The TV also includes built-in 3D, 3 HDMI inputs and 120 Hz sub-frame rate.

And, finally, Mitsubishi has introduced a 75-inch laser TV, called LaserVue, which includes built-in wireless Internet and Vudu movies. The company did not disclose a price for the 75-inch set nor specific launch dates for the entire 2011 line of sets.

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