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Netflix Launches Web Site For Internet Speed Rankings
By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (March 12, 2013) - What's the fastest Internet service to watch video streaming?

Netflix, which has occasionally published measurements of the speed of ISPs, is now taking the question so seriously that it has launched a web site dedicated to the rankings. You can find it

According to Netflix, the fastest Internet service in the U.S. is still Google's new Fiber service, which is now only available in the Kansas City area. Netflix says Google Fiber delivered an average of 3.35 Megabits per second in the month of February, which is an increase from 2.55 Megabits in the month of November; Google Fiber was first in the Netflix rankings then, too.

Google launched the Google Fiber service in select Kansas City neighborhoods last year. Critics of Netflix's rankings have noted that Google's small footprint perhaps gives it an unfair rating compared to its rivals, which provide service in multiple markets.

Ranking second in Netflix's fastest ISP rankings is Cablevision (2.35 Megabits average), which recently joined Netflix's 'Open Connect' program which purportedly assures a faster and smoother delivery of the company's streaming video.

Suddenlink was third with a 2.19 average while Cox jumped to fourth with a 2.12. Verizon was fifth with a 2.10.

To see the entire list of Netflix's rankings, go to:

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