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Netflix Gets Exclusive Rights to The Killing
By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (March 14, 2013) - As rumored, Netflix has captured the exclusive streaming rights to season three of The Killing, which will debut this May on AMC.

In addition, the complete season two of The Killing has been added to Netflix's streaming lineup, along with season one, which launched on Netflix in 2012. Netflix streaming subscribers will get season three of the The Killing three months after the season finale airs on AMC.

The AMC drama, which unspooled the mysterious killing of a high school student named Rosie Larsen, was cancelled last year after two seasons. Soon after the cancellation, reports surfaced that DIRECTV, Netflix or some other non-traditional TV programmer might finance a third season.

But AMC announced in January that it was 'uncanceling' the ratings-starved whodunit to bring it back for a third season in 2013. There were reports last year that AMC might partner with Netflix to co-produce The Killing, but apparently the co-production plan was switched to a content sharing arrangement.

"We're excited to see The Killing back on TV and we're especially proud to bring Season 3 to our members so soon after it premieres on AMC," Ted Sarandos, Netflix's chief content officer, said in a statement. "The Killing is a terrific serialized drama and we know our members love these high-quality shows."

AMC says season three will focus on Detective Holder's (Joel Kinnaman) search for a runaway girl which leads him to a series of murders and a return to his partnership with Detective Linden (
Mireille Enos).

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