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Wealth TV Launches 3D Channel
By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (January 19, 2012) -- Wealth TV, the network that offers luxury and lifestyle programming, announced today that it's launched a full-time 3D channel called WealthTV 3D.

Since 2010, the network has offered 3D programs via its Video on Demand service. Wealth TV will use those programs and future productions for the 24-hour edition. Network officials say the 3D channel will feature a variety of programming from travel documentaries to automobile shows to sports.

Wealth says it's working with Don King Productions to deliver boxing matches in 3D.

"With every major TV manufacturer leading its lineup with 3D televisions and consumers clamoring for quality 3D programming, WealthTV is extremely pleased to answer the call by delivering WealthTV 3D.  WealthTV 3D allows viewers to travel the world and enjoy the finest experiences, whether it's touring Mayan ruins, strolling the sandy beaches in the Seychelles, or driving behind the wheel of a Bugatti, without leaving the comfort of their living room," stated Robert Herring, CEO of WealthTV.

The company said WealthTV 3D is now available on a 24/7 basis via Roku's 2.5 million connected boxes throughout the United States, with additional launches on connected devices deploying soon.

WealthTV 3D joins a small number of programmers offering full-time channels in 3D ESPN and Discovery are among the few. Programmers have been reluctant to invest in 3D until sales of 3D sets improve.

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