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September 2, 2014
DIRECTV & AT&T Offer Free Preview Of HBO

Dodger TV Fans: Wait Til Next Year!

DIRECTV vs. Raycom: Day 2

September 1, 2014
What's New On Amazon Prime In September?

DIRECTV Loses 50 Local Channels In Fee Fight

August 31, 2014
What's New On Netflix In September?

Syfy Cancels The Wil Wheaton Project

August 29, 2014
A&E Cancels Longmire

August 28, 2014
DIRECTV Suffers Local Channel Outage

Samsung to Offer Amazon TV In 4K

Discovery Cancels Sons of Guns

Dish to Air College Football On Fox Sports 1

August 27, 2014
Netflix, Dish Oppose Comcast-Time Warner Cable -- Why It Doesn't Matter

August 26, 2014
Best Buy's Sales Decline, But Still Bullish On 4K TV

TiVo Targets Cord-Cutters With $50 HD DVR

August 25, 2014
DIRECTV 'On the Verge' Of Renewing NFL Ticket

Dish May Not Air College Football On Fox Sports 1

August 22, 2014
DIRECTV-Raycom Fee Fight Heating Up

FCC Still Drags Feet On Dodgers TV Dispute

Report: Verizon to Carry SEC Network

August 21, 2014
NBC Cancels Working The Engels

August 20, 2014
FCC Now Won't Even Comment On Dodgers TV Dispute

LG's OLED TV & Samsung Plasma Win Best Picture Award

August 19, 2014
Roku Now In TCL TVs -- If You Can Find One

August 18, 2014
Time Warner Cable Adds Sports In LA; Tweaks DIRECTV

August 17, 2014
ABC Family Cancels Twisted

The Biggest Blu-ray Movie Of the Week

Study: 4K TV Sales to Disappoint For 5 Years

August 16, 2014
Does a Curved-Screen Offer a Better TV Picture?

August 11,2014
Bloomberg Cancels Al Hunt Talk Show

DIRECTV Seeking to Keep 50 Raycom Stations

August 9, 2014
Dish Subs Could Lose Boston Celtics Games

August 8, 2014
ABC Cancels Black Box

August 7, 2014
Vizio Recalls 245,000 TVs That Could Tip Over

DIRECTV & AT&T Likely to Take Over CSN Houston

Dish: 4 Things We Just Learned

August 6, 2014
Charter Signs to Carry the SEC Network

DIRECTV & SEC Network: More Details

Dish Trims 2Q Subscriber Losses

August 5, 2014
Dish Gets Net TV Rights to A&E Channels

1-Day Only: Amazon Cuts $130 Off Kindle Fire HDX

DIRECTV Agrees to Carry the SEC Network

August 4, 2014
What's New On Amazon Prime In August?

August 3, 2014
LG's 55-Inch OLED TV Now Going For $3,297

August 2, 2014
Redbox Testing Higher Rental Prices

What's New On Netflix In August?

August 1, 2014
DIRECTV Cuts Deal to Keep Local Channels In Maryland & Delaware

DIRECTV: 5 Things We Just Learned

July 31, 2014
DIRECTV Cuts Sub Losses In Second Quarter

Time Warner Cable Still Losing Video Subs

Charter: We Will Carry the SEC Network

July 30, 2014
TV Land Cancels Kirstie

FCC Chides Time Warner Cable In Dodgers TV Dispute

July 29, 2014
Report: Spike TV Cancels Impact Wrestling

Time Warner Cable Throws Curve at TV Providers In Dodgers Dispute

July 28, 2014
Are Roku's TV Remote Headphones Any Good?

Publicity-Seeking Pols Push For Dodgers On TV

July 27, 2014
The 1 Blu-ray Movie You Should Buy This Week

July 25, 2014
Does Time Warner Cable Offer WatchESPN On Roku?

Time Warner Cable Agrees to Carry SEC Network

July 24, 2014
Can I Get WatchESPN On Roku If I Have Time Warner Cable?

The CW Cancels 2 Comedies

Why DIRECTV Isn't Carrying the Pac 12 Network

DIRECTV Could Lose Local Channels In Maryland & Delaware

July 23, 2014
Samsung Unveils a $120,000 4K TV

July 22, 2014
What's Wrong With Comcast's Video Business?

Is Netflix's U.S. Growth Slowing?

Let's Face It, Aereo Was a Total Failure

July 20, 2014
NFL on CBS: 4K, Yes. 3D, No

NFL: We Expect to Renew Sunday Ticket With DIRECTV

How Is US TV Now Legal?

Are 4K TVs Too Expensive? Well, Not This One

July 18, 2014
Reports: DIRECTV & Comcast Close to SEC Network Deals

July 17, 2014
Microsoft Turns Its Back On Original TV

Will Microsoft Dump Its Original Content Plans?

Netflix Stops Saturday Disc Shipments

DIRECTV Offers NFL Ticket to Non-Subs! (Just Like Before)

July 16, 2014
Consumer Reports Rips Curved-Screen TVs

The WWE Network Is Wrestling With Itself

July 15, 2014
TWC: Dodger TV Fans Likely to Be Shut Out In 2014

AT&T Adds Epix; Does That Mean DIRECTV Will, Too?

July 14, 2014
Nickelodeon Cancels Sam & Cat

How Does DIRECTV Look On a 4K TV?

Why DIRECTV Will Add the SEC Network

July 13, 2014
I Watched a 4K TV - And Lived to Tell About It!

July 11, 2014
Will Aereo's 'Hail Mary' Be Answered?

July 10, 2014
DIRECTV: We 'Hope' to Carry SEC Network

July 9, 2014
Cox to Carry SEC Network

Does a Curved-Screen TV Offer a Better Picture?

July 8, 2014
AMC Theaters Installing Reclining Seats to Woo TV Addicts

July 7, 2014
DIRECTV Adding Fantasy Channel to NFL Ticket

The Video Streamers Strike Back!

July 5, 2014
CW Cancels Famous In 12 After Five

July 3, 2014
Study: Netflix Has More Top Movies & TV Shows Than Amazon

Are Sales Of 65-Inch TVs Really Booming?

July 2, 2014
Samsung to Exit Plasma Biz; The End Is Near

Networks Cancel 2 Shows Before They Air!

July 1, 2014
Did DIRECTV & Dish Almost Merge?

Community: Is It Dead Or Alive?

Comcast Expected to Carry SEC Network

FilmOn Says It's Back On As Local Channel Service

June 30, 2014
What's New On Netflix In July?

Which Roku Player Should I Buy?

Why Won't Aereo Just Go Away?

June 28, 2014
Report: Dish & NBC In Talks to End Ad-Skipping Suit

June 26, 2014
Fans Kicked Off WatchESPN's World Cup Stream

4K TV: For Most, The Stream Is Still a Dream

The Aereo Decision: Winners & Losers

June 25, 2014
Aereo Loses 6-3 In U.S. Supreme Court

Could CSN Houston Give A La Carte a Boost?

June 24, 2014
Comcast Adds XFinity TV Go to Google Chromecast

Fox's Kitchen Nightmares Cancelled -- But By Whom?

DIRECTV Adding New Golf Channel

June 23, 2014
Amazon's 8.9" Kindle Fire HD: $139 - 1 Day Only!

June 22, 2014
WatchESPN: Does Comcast Offer It to Net-Only Customers?

The One Blu-ray Movie You Should Buy This Week

DIRECTV Regains Two Stations In Missouri

June 20, 2014
Is Dish a Serious Player For the NFL Ticket?

June 18, 2014
3 Events That Could Change TV Forever

June 17, 2014
Netflix Adds Breaking Bad In 4K

DIRECTV to Offer Free Preview of HBO, Cinemax

June 16, 2014
DIRECTV Loses Court Bid to Drop Ovation, Reelz

Why Your Netflix Bill Will Soon Skyrocket

June 15, 2014
Fox Cancels Two Rookie Shows

The 1 Blu-ray Release You Should Buy This Week

June 13, 2014
WatchESPN: Does DIRECTV Offer It?

June 12, 2014
LG May Supply Panasonic With OLED TV Panels

Don't Expect AT&T & DIRECTV to Lower Your Bills

June 11, 2014
Study: TV Buyers Most Interested In a Better Picture

Dish to Offer Newsmax TV On June 16

June 10, 2014
Outrage! Networks Try to Avoid Blame For Rising Pay TV Bills!

Netflix to Verizon: You're Slowing Us Down!

June 9, 2014
AT&T Might Offer Sunday Ticket to Wireless Subs

Aereo Launches App On Google Chromecast

June 8, 2014
Blu-ray: The 1 New Release You Should Buy This Week

MSNBC Cancels Disrupt

LG's 55-Inch OLED TV Now Going For $3,999!

June 7, 2014
DIRECTV: No Plans to Hook Up Longhorn Network

June 6, 2014
Big Brother Is Going HD -- Finally!

June 5, 2014
Cablevision Offers 100 Channels Outside the Home

June 4, 2014
Who's the Acrobatic Actress In Nationwide Insurance Ads?

Verizon Adding MAV TV In HD

Why the TV Mergers Won't Help Consumers

June 3, 2014
WatchESPN Added to Google's Chromecast

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't 'Cut the Cord'

Bright House Networks Adds Epix In HD

June 2, 2014
The 1 Blu-ray Release You Should Buy This Week

June 1, 2014
What's New On Netflix & Amazon In June?

Verizon Adds CBS Sports Network In HD

CBS Television Cancels The Arsenio Hall Show

May 30, 2014
DIRECTV to Offer Newsmax TV In June

May 29, 2014
E! Cancels Chelsea Handler's Show

Comcast: 3 Things We Just Learned

May 28, 2014
ESPN Might Sell Soccer Online Separate From Pay TV

May 27, 2014
TBS Cancels The Pete Holmes Show

LG's 55-Inch OLED TV Now Going For $4,999

Tennis Channel Launches Online Subscription Network

May 26, 2014
Redbox to Close 500 Rental Kiosks

May 25, 2014
Dish Offers 6 Free Months of Netflix

May 23, 2014
Amazon Offering Free 30-Day Trial Of Amazon Fire

Will Dish Offer Longhorn Network In HD?

May 22, 2014
Amazon Prime Adds The Sopranos, Other HBO Shows

AT&T, Why Didn't You Just Buy Dish?

May 20, 2014
Hey, Where's That Vizio $999 50-Inch 4K TV?

Verizon CEO: Dish? I Don't Need No Stinkin' Dish

AT&T-DIRECTV: 3 More Things We've Learned

May 19, 2014
DIRECTV-NFL Sunday Ticket Deal Coming Soon

AT&T & DIRECTV to Pursue More Original Shows

AT&T Wanted DIRECTV In 2010, But Feared Govt. Rejection

May 18, 2014

FXX Cancels Legit

AT&T Could Buy DIRECTV Today

May 15, 2014
Update: FCC Votes to Delay Final Net Neutrality Vote

Verizon Adds HD Channel; Dish May Add One, Too

Will the FCC Vote Today to Raise Your Streaming Fees?

May 14, 2014
Comcast Still Doesn't Understand Netflix's Success

DIRECTV Is Striking Out With Sports Channels

May 13, 2014
DIRECTV-AT&T Merger: Can WE Afford It?

Sony Dropping OLED TVs; It's Up to You, LG

DIRECTV-AT&T Merger: Look Out Below!

May 12, 2014
The One Blu-ray Release You Must Buy This Week

Cancelled TV Shows 2014: 23 Get the Ax!

Networks Cancel 23 Shows

Why Netflix Isn't Raising Prices For Current Subscribers

TBS Cancels Men at Work

May 11, 2014
CBS Cancels 5 Shows; NBC Cuts Dracula

May 10, 2014
Networks Cancel 10 More Shows

May 9, 2014
Does DIRECTV Have a NFL Ticket For 2015?

ABC Cancels 2 Shows

CW Cancels 3 Shows

Dish: 3 Things We Just Learned

May 8, 2014
Top TV Providers Added 318,000 Net Subs In Q1

Netflix to Add Breaking Bad In 4K

Fox Cancels 4 Rookie Shows

DIRECTV Weighing AT&T Buyout Offer

May 7, 2014
What's Wrong With Nielsen's '17 Channel' Study

Showtime to Hold Free Preview This Weekend

DIRECTV: 6 Things We Just Learned

May 6, 2014
DIRECTV the Latest TV Provider to Report Sub Increase

May 5, 2014
Taylor Swift: Is She Feuding With Selena Gomez?

Best Buy to Expand 4K Displays In Home Theater Redesign

May 4, 2014
What's New On Netflix & Amazon In May?

The WWE Network: The Right Fight at the Right Time?

The 1 Blu-ray Release You Must Buy This Week

May 2, 2014
Hilary Duff: Is She a Scientologist?

Jennifer Lawrence: The World's Sexiest Woman?

Gwyneth Paltrow: Will Goop Turn to Poop Or Whoop?

Lily Allen Has Another Wardrobe Malfunction?

Lindsay Lohan: Did She Really Sleep With James Franco?

Sandra Oh: Will She Live Or Die On Grey's Anatomy?

Jennifer Lawrence: Sexiest Woman On Earth?

Nikki Reed: Making Out With DWTS' Derek Hough?

Jennifer Esposito: Why Does She Always Play a Cop?

Shailene Woodley: What Made Her Cry Like a Baby?

May 1, 2014
Sandra Oh: Will She Come Back to Grey's Anatomy?

Nikki Reed: Dirty Dancing With Derek Hough

Did Hulu Plus Have a Growth Spurt?

Sony Issues Warning On Blu-ray's Future

Kirsten Dunst: Won't Sleep With Directors On the Set

Google Fiber to Carry SEC Network

Report: AT&T Interested In Buying DIRECTV

April 30, 2014
Sophia Bush Is Insecure About Her Body?

Kirsten Dunst: Birthday Girl Avoids the Casting Couch

Report: Fox Cancels Almost Human

DIRECTV Cancels The Artie Lange Show

Time Warner Cable Should Be Blamed In Dodgers TV Debacle

April 29, 2014
Porsha Williams: I Was Bullied & Abused!

Ariana Grande: 'Problem' Singer Wants a Problem Boyfriend

Rita Ora: Will She Strip For Fifty Shades of Grey?

Star Wars Episode 7: Harrison Ford Is Back!

Porsha Williams: I Was Abused By Kordell Stewart

Sarah Silverman: A Master of Sex?

Mile High Selfies: The Sexy Stewardess Is Back!

DIRECTV Offering Free Preview Of 9 HD Channels

Charter Adds Video Subscribers In First Quarter

Netflix Pays Up to Verizon; Will Netflix Subs Pay Up, Too?