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2013 Predictions
Prediction #5: Good Year For Plasma TVs
By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (December 30, 2012) -- Editor's Note: Swanni today is making his annual predictions for TV technology for the upcoming year. To see all 10 forecasts for 2013, click the Home Page of TVPredictions.com.

If you listened to the tech-intelligentsia, you would think that the Plasma TV was on its last legs. The Plasma TV, which once served as a cultural status symbol, trails newer display technologies such as the LCD and the LED in overall sales. While most display experts say the Plasma still delivers the sharpest and most vivid picture on the market, the set has suffered from poor marketing, false rumors about screen burn-in and a host of other issues.

In fact, the Plasma has taken such a beating at retail that there are persistent rumors that Panasonic might get out of the Plasma business. Panasonic ditching Plasma would be like Baskin-Robbins dumping Vanilla.

But before anyone writes the final obituary for the Plasma set, let me make this prediction: Plasma TVs will actually see a boost in sales in 2013.

How can that happen?

Plasma TV makers realize that consumers now are more interested in LED and LCD sets. Consequently, they are doing more to keep their sets affordable. Go into any store or e-commerce site and you're liable to find a
comparably-sized and featured Plasma set anywhere from $100 to $300 cheaper than the LCD or LED variety.

In 2013, this trend will continue and economically-strapped consumers will take note. I'm not saying that Plasma will surpass LCD and LED; it won't. But sales will rise, making reports of its death highly premature.

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