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2013 Predictions
Prediction #9: Redbox Instant: Instant Success?
By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (December 30, 2012) -- Editor's Note: Swanni today is making his annual predictions for TV technology for the upcoming year. To see all 10 forecasts for 2013, click the Home Page of TVPredictions.com.

Redbox Instant, the new disc/streaming video service from Verizon and Coinstar, launched in Beta this month and is expected to go full-scale in the spring. The service will offer unlimited streaming and four disc rentals a month from Redbox kiosks for $8 a month ($9 if you get Blu-ray.)

Some analysts have speculated that Redbox Instant could be a Netflix killer, or at least, a Netflix thorn in the side. After reviewing Redbox's plans to date, I have to predict the latter. At least in 2013, that is.

Redbox officials say the streaming side of the service will initially feature movies almost exclusively. But that's not enough. Streamers like to watch TV shows, which is why Netflix is holding on to its customers despite a relatively sparse selection of films.

Without a strong mix of movies and TV shows, Redbox Instant will take some customers away from Netflix, but not enough to truly hurt its bottom line.

Perhaps Redbox Instant will diversify its library at some point, but until then, it will just be another competitor along with Amazon, Vudu and all the rest.

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