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DIRECTV Brings NFL Sunday Ticket to Hotels
By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (March 14, 2013) - DIRECTV and LodgeNet are teaming to provide the NFL Sunday Ticket to hotels and hospitals starting with the 2013 season, the companies announced.

LodgeNet, which has filed for bankruptcy protection, has been a longtime provider of programming to hotels in the United States. The company did not reveal the pricing for the NFL Sunday Ticket package but it would likely be offered in weekly packages rather than for full seasons, considering the temporary nature of hotel stays.

The companies did not say which hotels and hospitals will feature the NFL Sunday Ticket, but LodgeNet serves more than 1.4 million hotel and hospital rooms in the U.S.

LodgeNet said in a press release that hotels would be offered finance plans to upgrade to HDTV service if needed.

The companies said that other 'a la Carte' programming would be offered, including some exclusive content, but they did not offer specifics.

"As partners, LodgeNet and DIRECTV will combine their complementary resources to offer customers options not currently available in the hospitality and healthcare markets" said Richard Nanula, a principal with Colony Capital, which is in the process of acquiring LodgeNet.

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