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Hollyweek: Unsexy Actresses; Miley Cyrus the Tease; Shows Cancelled
By Allison Moore

Washington, D.C. (February 22, 2013) - A magazine poll says Kristen Stewart is the unsexiest actress; Miley Cyrus teases onlookers again with peek-a-boo clothing; and the networks take the ax to more low-rated shows.

It was another busy week in the surreal world of entertainment.

As you probably know, we post the day's top entertainment stories every day on the Home Page of So we thought it would be valuable to list here the week's top, or to put it another way, most highly read entertainment stories of the week.

We're calling this feature, Hollyweek, but it could just as well be called, Holly-weird because you never know what these celebs are going to do next.

You can follow the links the below to read each story, and don't forget to come back to each weekday for more entertainment coverage.

The Week's Top Stories:
Megan Fox Reunites w/Michael Bay
Will Arnett Splits From Up All Night
Kim Kardashian: Quitting Show Or Not?
Stars Who Posed For Playboy
Diane Lane, Josh Brolin Go Splitsville
Arbitrage Actress Has Big Wardrobe Oops

Kristen Stewart Least Sexy Actress?
Oscars' Closest Races: Who Will Win?
Mark Hamill Returning to Star Wars?
Vanessa Hudgens Talks Naughty Photos
American Idol's Top 20 Girls
Marion Cotillard: Dior Design or Wardrobe Oops?

Justin Bieber Murder Plot Was Serious
Is MTV's Catfish a Big Fake
Entertainment Tonight Hires Jacko Son
Did Dr. Drew Contribute to McCready Death?
How a TV Show Escapes Cancellation
Did Michelle Williams Have Wardrobe Oops?

CBS Cancels Rookie Series
Did Alec Baldwin Go Racist On Photog?
Review: Cult On the CW
Khloe Kardashian Fired From X-Factor?
Brendan Fraser Broke; Can't Afford Child Support
Julianne Hough Recalls Scary Wardrobe Oops

Is NBC Cancelling Up All Night?
Mindy McCready Commits Suicide
Another Buckwild Idiot Is Arrested
Amanda Bynes Goes to 'Stripper Class?'
Forest Whitaker Frisked at NY Deli
Die Hard Kills On V-Day Weekend
MIley Cyrus Flirts w/Wardrobe Oops Again

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