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Hollyweek: Oscar's Best Wardrobe Oops; Michelle Obama Accused of Immodesty; Shows Cancelled
By Allison Moore

Washington, D.C. (March 1, 2013) - Several actresses use the Oscars as a forum to wear dresses far more revealing than their Mothers would like; Janet Jackson married a billionaire in secret; more shows get cancelled; and Iranian censors try to cover up Michelle Obama at the Oscars.

It was another busy week in the surreal world of entertainment.

As you probably know, we post the day's top entertainment stories every day on the Home Page of So we thought it would be valuable to list here the week's top, or to put it another way, most highly read entertainment stories of the week.

We're calling this feature, Hollyweek, but it could just as well be called, Holly-weird because you never know what these celebs are going to do next.

You can follow the links the below to read each story, and don't forget to come back to each weekday for more entertainment coverage.

The Week's Top Stories:

CW Cancels Long-Running Drama
Joan Rivers Under Fire For Holocaust Joke
Duck Dynasty Beats Idol In Key Demo
Girls Gone Wild Goes Bankrupt
Gwyneth Paltrow's Biggest Wardrobe Oops

Recap: American Idol Episode 5
Is Sutherland's Touch Cancelled?
Walking Dead Sets Season 4 Debut Date
Review: TNT's Southland
Stone Temple Pilots Fire Lead Singer
One Direction Singer Hit In the Crotch
Did Michelle Obama Have a Wardrobe Oops?

Review: HBO's Parade's End
Star Wars Star Has Bipolar Episode
New Dancing w/Stars Cast Revealed
Chris Brown: Rihanna Forgives Me
A Short Guide to Bad Oscar Hosts
Mariah Carey Has Wardrobe Oops (Again)

Why Was Kristen Stewart On Crutches?
Lindsay Lohan to Star On Anger Management
Prince to Appear On Jimmy Fallon Show
Netflix: 1 Season For Arrested Development
The Onion: Sorry For Tasteless Twitter
Janet Jackson Secretly Marries Billionaire
Brandi Glanville Has Wardrobe Oops

Argo Storms to Oscar Victory
The Independent Spirit Award Winners
Review: CBS' Golden Boy
Wendy Williams: Cancel Real Housewives!
Taylor Swift: Worst Girlfriend Ever?
Heidi Klum Has Oscar Wardrobe Oops
Anne Hathaway Has Oscar Wardrobe Oops
Singer Has Wardrobe Oops For Anthem

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