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Hollyweek: Selena Gomez Has Wardrobe Oops; More Shows Cancelled
By Allison Moore

Washington, D.C. (March 8, 2013) - Selena Gomez joins the Wardrobe Malfunction Club; Taylor Swift adds to her 'I Hate You' Club'; more TV shows get cancelled; and a former TV talk show booker says she had sex with...everyone.

It was another busy week in the surreal world of entertainment.

As you probably know, we post the day's top entertainment stories every day on the Home Page of So we thought it would be valuable to list here the week's top, or to put it another way, most highly read entertainment stories of the week.

We're calling this feature, Hollyweek, but it could just as well be called, Holly-weird because you never know what these celebs are going to do next.

You can follow the links the below to read each story, and don't forget to come back to each weekday for more entertainment coverage.

The Week's Top Stories:
Kelly Osbourne Has Seizure On TV Show
CBS' Vegas Moving to Fridays
Howard Stern Replacing Jimmy Fallon?
Why Erin Andrews Dissed Fifty Cent
Ashley Benson Hypes Threesome Scene
Chris Brown Explodes Over $10 Parking Fee

TLC Cancels Long-Running Series
NBC 'Scared' Of Letting Jay Leno Go?
Chelsea Handler: Taylor Swift Is Virgin
Carrie Fisher Back In Star Wars Movies?
Jersey Shore Idiot Loses 42 Pounds
DiCaprio Does Uncanny Nicholson Imitation

Jon Stewart Takes Hiatus From Daily Show
Kate Hudson Sheds Clothes For Mag Cover
Is Ben McKenzie Leaving Southland?
Taylor Swift Hates Tina Fey, Any Poehler
Tarantino Film Tops MTV Award Noms
Selena Gomez Has Wardrobe Oops

Fox Renews The Following, 3 Comedies
The Bible, Vikings Score Big For History
Cancelled Last Resort Coming to DVD, Blu
What Happened to Nikki Cox's Lips?
Spielberg to Adapt Kubrick's Napoleon
Miranda Kerr Has a Wardrobe Oops

ABC Cancels Rookie Drama; Another Gets Reprieve
There's a New Jimi Hendrix Album?
Heidi Klum Joins America's Got Talent
Talk Show Booker Had Sex w/... Everyone?
Lindsay Lohan Goes to Trial On March 18
Jay Leno to 'Retire' From Tonight Show?
Switched at Birth Goes Silent to Make Point
LeAnn Rimes to Get TV Talk Show?
Girls Aloud Singer Has Wardrobe Oops

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