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Hollyweek: Miley Cyrus & Selena Gomez Get Trashy
By Allison Moore

Washington, D.C. (May 17, 2013) - Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez dressed like hookers. Cameron Diaz became undressed. We finally met the mother in How I Met Your Mother. 24 came back. And The Office closed its doors forever.

Yes, it was another busy week in the surreal world of entertainment.

As you probably know, we post the day's top entertainment stories every day on the Home Page of So we thought it would be valuable to list here the week's top, or to put it another way, most highly read entertainment stories of the week.

We call this feature, Hollyweek, but it could just as well be called, Holly-weird because you never know what these celebs are going to do next.

You can follow the links the below to read each story, and don't forget to come back to each weekday for more entertainment coverage.

The Week's Top Stories:
American Idol Picks a Winner
CW Reveals 2013-14 Fall Lineup
Watch The Office's Finale Scenes
What's Les Moonves' Favorite Show?
Paris Hilton Helped Sofia Coppola's Movie?
Miley Cyrus Sheds Clothes For Mag (Again)

CSI: Will a Cast Member Die In Season 14?
Prince Harry Wins Kiss From Supermodel
American Idol: Candice Or Kree?
CBS Unveils 5 New Series For Fall
Will P Diddy Be On Downton Abbey?
Selena Gomez Dressing Like a Call Girl?

ABC Unveils 2013 Fall Schedule
Bill Hader Is Leaving Saturday Night Live
The Office Retires After 9 Seasons
Shakira Confirms: No More Voice For Her
Beyonce Postpones Concert; Preggers Again?
Why Is Miley Cyrus Posing In Pink Undies?

24 Is Back -- For 12 Episodes In 2014
How I Met Your Mother: We Meet Her!
The Best & Worst Season Finales
Glee Gets a Split Season Next Year
Seth Myers Gets NBC Late Night Slot
Barbara Walters Retires (Again?)
Cameron Diaz Flashes the Photographers
Millie Mackintosh Has Wardrobe Oops

Bloodbath: Networks Cancel 23 Shows
Celebs Read Mean Tweets On Kimmel
MTV's Teen Mom Fights Airport Bag Lady
Chris Brown's Curbside Art Is Scary!
Mike Tyson to Star As Cartoon Detective
Selena Gomez Goes to Hooters?

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