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TV's Answer Man

TV's Answer Man, aka Swanni, takes your questions regarding how to best use the latest products and services in TV technology. If you have a question about TV technology, ask TV's Answer Man by sending an e-mail to swann@tvpredictions.com

Below are some past answers to your questions:

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Roku: What Are Their Private Channels?
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Sunday Ticket: Watch Your Local Team On the Road

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The Secret to Saving Money On Your TV Bill
How Can You Fix the Color On Your TV?
How Can You Find New Roku Channels?
When Will DIRECTV Add More HD Channels?

Can't Connect to Netflix On Your XBox One?
Is There Another Netflix Phishing Scam?
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Who's That Woman In the AT&T Commercials?

Can I Still Watch the Dodgers On MLB's Extra Innings?
Is HBO Go In HD On Google's Chromecast?
3 Ways to Save Money While Buying a TV
How Does HD Video Look On a 4K TV?

I Just Bought a New TV -- Should I Keep the Box?
Having Trouble Watching Netflix On Your PS3 or PS4?
Can You Surf the Internet On a Chromecast?
What Is FilmOn.TV?

Netflix: Is There a Way to Tell Your Resolution?
Does Roku Have the You Tube Channel?
Is There a DVR Without Monthly Fees?
Can You Use a Smart TV Without Cable TV?

Does Google Chromecast Have HBO Go?
Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: Which Has Better Deals?
Can I Get WatchESPN On a Roku?
Kindle Fire Videos Won't Play?
Can DIRECTV's HD DVR Save Energy Costs?

Can You Watch Netflix Using a Hotspot?
Will the NFL Add a Second Game on Thursday Nights?
Will DIRECTV Add More HD Channels In 2013?
Should You Report Cable TV Theft?
How to Skip Commercials On Verizon FiOS
How to Skip Commercials On Comcast

Is the Plasma TV Dead?
Should You Get a DIRECTV Genie or DIRECTV TiVo?
When Should You Buy a TV That's NOT a Name Brand?
Why Didn't My DIRECTV HD DVR Record My Show?
I've Lost My Cable TV Remote! Help!

WatchESPN: Can You Watch It Outside Your Home?
Will Amazon Prime Keep Airing Under the Dome?
Can Roku Stream Video Like Google's Chromecast?
Will There Be 4K Blu-ray Discs?

Does Comcast Stream Live Channels?
How to Order DIRECTV PPV Without the Internet
How to Connect Online NFL Ticket to Your TV?
Is There a 20-inch iPad?

3 Super-Awesome TVs Over $1,500?
What Is a Phablet?
The New iPhone: What Do We Know?
Is There a Netflix Phishing Scam?
Can I Get Time Warner Cable On the XBox - Anywhere?

How Do You Install a Google Chromecast?
Where Can You Buy an OLED TV?
Does Netflix Offer Downloads to Go?
Who Will Carry FXX?
Will the NFL Sunday Ticket Be On the PS3?

Can Google's Chromecast Display HD Video?
Can You Watch Skype In HD On the iPhone & iPad?
Amazon's Kindle HD Price Cut: Is a New One Coming?
iPhone: Did You Make a Mistake In Buying a New One?
Comcast: I Have a Picture But No Sound -- Help!

How Much Longer Will There Be Blu-ray Discs?
Could Your Smart TV's Camera Be Watching You?
My TV's Power Light Won't Stop Blinking!
Will DIRECTV Keep the NFL Sunday Ticket?
Need a Smaller TV For a Small Room?

Amazon Prime: How Many Titles Does It Have?
Can You Record 10 Shows At the Same Time?
Will Aereo Ever Come to Los Angeles?
Netflix: How Can I Find New Titles?
Netflix: How Do I Improve My Video Quality?

4K TV: Will There Be Small Screens?
Sony 4K TV Ad: Who's the Woman In the Red Dress?
What Is the Best HDTV?
Does Netflix Crop Movies?
Does DIRECTV Carry WatchESPN?

Is DIRECTV Going to Add Epix?

Can I Install a Dish At My Rental Property?
What Is TV's 'Soap Opera Effect?'
Can I Still Get WebTV?
Can I Suspend My TV Service For Vacation?

A Blu-ray Player Under $50 With Wi-Fi?
Why Did HBO & ESPN Execs Bash 4K TV?
How Would a DIRECTV-Dish Merger Affect You?
Why Is My Sony TV Picture Better Than My Roku Picture?
Does Dish Still Want to Merge With DIRECTV?

Who Carries the Epix Channel?
Does DIRECTV Have a Better Business Bureau Rating?
Is Netflix Available On the Kindle Fire HD?
Why Can't I Get My Free iPad From Dish?
What Happened to DIRECTV's 'Apple-Like' Guide?
Can Watching TV In the Dark Hurt Your Eyesight?

How to Enjoy Watching TV In a Well-Lit Room
My DIRECTV Genie Fast-Forward Button Is Out of Control!
Looking For a TV Remote For Older Viewers?
Are Energy-Efficient TVs the Cheapest TVs?
My Netflix Freezes On My Blu-ray Player!
Are 3D Movies Available In Streaming?

What Are Some Cheap TVs With Well-Known Brands?
What Is a TV Dongle?
Can I Make Skype Calls On Any HDTV?
How Do I Know If My DIRECTV Movie Is In 1080p?

Why Do I Have to Always Re-Set My TV Devices?
Why Do 4K TVs Cost So Much?
Are LCD TVs Bad For Watching Sports?
What Is 'Motion Control' On Samsung TVs?

Will Sen. McCain's a la Carte Bill Pass?
What's Up With the 8K TV?
What HD Channel Will DIRECTV Add Next?
Is the Low-Priced Seiki 4K TV Any Good?
Can a Child Get Addicted to An iPad?

Does a Home Theater Projector Display a Sharp Picture?
Will the New 4K Blu-rays Offer a Better Picture?
Do You Need the Internet For DIRECTV's Genie?
Will Netflix's Pix Improve With a Direct Net Connection?
What Happened to the OLED TV?

Is the Plasma TV a Big Energy Hog?
Where On The Wall Should I Hang My TV?
Why Isn't 24 On Blu-ray?
What Is Viggle On DIRECTV?

Can I Watch CNN Anywhere?
Do Smart TVs Cost More?
Which Is Better For Movies? Kindle Fire HD or iPad?
What Is a Subwoofer?
Why Isn't Every Channel In HD?

How to Connect Your DVR to Your TV
Does Comcast Have Multi-Room DVRs?
Why MLB.TV Blackouts Your Local Team
I Can't Hear Anything From My TV's Speakers!
Why Doesn't DIRECTV Offer Racy Movies In HD?
How Do I Get Amazon Prime For Streaming?
What's the Difference Between 4K TV & OLED TV?

Can I Get Verizon FiOS TV Where I Live?
Can a 4K TV Improve a HD Picture?
Will Rain Ruin My DIRECTV Picture?
What Is Rabbit TV? Should I Get It?
Can I Remove the Black Bars On My TV Screen?

How Does a Redbox Kiosk Work?
Can a Smart TV Surf the Internet?
Why Is a Criterion Collection Blu-ray So Special?
Can I Listen to Pandora On My TV?
Are Plasma TVs Going Out of Business?
How Do I Unsubscribe to Netflix?
Is There An Indoor TV Antenna For Rural Residents?

DIRECTV, Where's CSN Houston?
Can I Connect My Computer to My TV?
Who Owns My DIRECTV Receiver?
What Is Hz On a TV?
How to Fix Your Cable TV Box

What Is Full HD?
What Is a la Carte TV?
What Is TV Cord Cutting? Should I Do It?
Can I Watch 4 Channels at Once?
Can a Vacuum Cleaner Affect My TV's Pix?
Can I Watch Netflix or Amazon On a Plane?

How to Calibrate Your HDTV For $20
My Netflix's Audio & Video Is Out of Sync!
My TV Has a Blue Screen & No Signal!
My TV Keeps Turning Off By Itself! Help!
My Blu-ray Player Won't Play My Discs! Help!
My TV's Picture Is Too Dark! What Can I Do?
Why Does Hulu Plus Have Commercials?

Do Smart TVs Offer a Better Picture?
I Keep Getting a Rebuffering Message On Netflix! Help!
Which TV Will Reduce My Electric Bill?
Should I Buy a Smart TV Or Smart TV Player?
Roku Has 700 Channels - But Are They Free?

What Is TV Everywhere?
How Many People Actually Watch HD On HDTVs?
Is It Safe to Buy a TV Online?
Should I Buy a TV Antenna?
TV Service: Should I Sign a 2-Year Contract?

How to Skip Commercials On DIRECTV
Should I Buy an Extended Warranty For a TV?
How Far Should You Sit From Your TV?
What Is Color Temperature On My TV?
Dish's Hopper vs. DIRECTV's Genie

How Long Does a TV Projector Lamp Last?
How to Watch Your iPad On Your HDTV
How to Clean Your TV's Screen
Why Did My TV Look Better In The Store?
How Much Should I Spend On An HDMI Cable?
Which Streamer Has the Best HD Picture?

Is My Internet Fast Enough to Watch Netflix In HD?
Why Does My TV's Picture Quality Keep Changing?
What's the Best Show In HD?
Can Watching 3D TV Make Me Sick?
What Is a Smart TV? How Do I Connect It?

Can I Watch 3D TV Without a 3D TV?
What Is 4K Or 'Ultra HD' TV?
Streaming Video: How Good Is the Picture?
What Is 'Picture Mode' On My TV?
Looking For a Great TV? Here Are 15
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