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DIRECTV Adds El Rey Channel; Keeps Weather For Now
By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (January 2, 2014) -
It's a full news day for DIRECTV as the satcaster has added a new channel and kept another one on the air despite fears it will be removed in a fee fight.

As for the latter issue, The Weather Channel this morning remains in DIRECTV's lineup at channel 362 although its contract with the channel was set to expire on Wednesday. has asked DIRECTV for a comment, but is not expected to get one until today due to yesterday's holiday.  It's possible the two companies have agreed to a short-term extension in the current agreement while talks continue. We will update this article when we receive a statement from DIRECTV and/or The Weather Channel. (Update: As of 4:35 p.m. on Thursday, The Weather Channel is still on DIRECTV. The satcaster told it had no comment.)

A short-term extension would be especially timely now with the winter storm Hercules bearing down on the East Coast. The Weather Channel's ratings usually rise significantly during major storms.

In other news, DIRECTV yesterday added the new El Rey channel on channel 341. The channel, which was launched by filmmaker Robert Rodriguez (Desperado, Machete), is an English-language channel aimed at the Latino audience. Rodriguez is expected to bring a mix of action-oriented programming and sports to the channel.

While the El Rey channel is available in High-Definition, DIRECTV is only offering the standard-definition edition.

Comcast and Time Warner Cable also carry El Rey in select markets.

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