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Ocosmo? Sceptre? A Low-Priced TV By Any Other Name
By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (December 4, 2013) - Three of the nine best-selling TVs today at are oCosmo TVs. (Best-selling TV information based on results at 2 p.m ET on December 4.)

That's pretty impressive, considering that I've never heard of oCosmo before today. And if you search the Internet, you would be hard pressed to find any reviews of oCosmo sets or even an article about the company from a reputable news organization. It's as if oCosmo just appeared out of thin air.

So I decided to do a little checking. Just who or what is oCosmo?

For starters, oCosmo has a web site -- -- but the site offers very little information about the company's origins or its management team. The site's About page says the company was started in early 2013.

"After garnering over two decade (sic) of experiences as veterans in the display and sound industry, we founded oCOSMO, Inc. in early 2013," the page states. "Here at oCOSMO, we focus on designing products that are not only fashionable with the highest quality, but also at a reasonable cost."

That last phrase helps explain why oCosmo is doing so well at Amazon. The company's 32-inch LED TV is priced today at $179 at Amazon while the 40-inch LED model is $278.

But the site doesn't reveal who's running the company or who owns it. The 'Press Release' page features one three-paragraph news release with no contact information included.  The 'News' page is blank, as is the 'Careers' page.

So who is this oCosmo?!

Ah, there could be an answer. The site has a button, titled 'Contacts Us' (no, not my typo), which includes a customer service number. And if you call it, a recorded message says...

"Thank you for calling Sceptre."

Sceptre is another brand that makes low-cost TVs. And further research shows that Sceptre and oCosmo are located at the same address in the City of Industry in California.

I got a Sceptre customer service person on the line who told me that oCosmo is the company's 'high-end' TV brand. He said he couldn't elaborate. A call to the company's marketing department was met with a recording machine.

I tried to find someone to explain why Sceptre apparently felt the sudden need to create a new brand called oCosmo, a brand that, like Sceptre, makes low-cost TVs. But there is no contact information at, either.

I consulted Wikipedia, which says Sceptre is a privately held company based in California. But the page doesn't say who owns it or what oCosmo is. It does say Sceptre has been around since 1984.

So, folks, for now, you're on your own. There's a hot new TV at Amazon outselling Samsung, Sony and Panasonic. But don't ask me who makes it or anything else about it, for that matter.

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