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Time Warner Cable Fumbles On NFL Network
By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (October 15, 2011) --

Time Warner Cable and the NFL Network have broken off talks and are unlikely to sign an agreement to allow the cable operator to carry the football channel this season.

That's according to an article by BizJournals.com.

The news service says the two companies held a "contentious" meeting last Friday in Time Warner's New York City office and they were unable to resolve their differences.

Sports Business Journal reports that the two companies had made "considerable progress" but still couldn't reach a deal. The New York Post last month also reported that the cable operator and football channel had made progress in talks.

However, unless the two sides return to the negotiating table, Time Warner Cable viewers will go without the NFL Network for the eighth straight year since the football channel launched in 2003. The NFL Network carries eight live regular season games as well as studio shows and other news and information programs.

It's unclear what remains to be resolved, but Sports Business Journal said the two sides were "essentially close on price."

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