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CES 2014: Vizio: Best TV In the World?

Washington, D.C. (January 6, 2014) -
Despite a burp or two at last year's Consumer Electronics Show, is still regarded as one of the world's leading authorities on display technology, particularly televisions. So when the tech site this morning mocked Vizio's claim of producing the 'Best TV In the World' as "farfetched," it's likely to get people's attention.

In Las Vegas today at this year's CES, Vizio announced a new 'Reference Series,' which includes a 65-inch 4K set and a 120-inch 4K television. The company, of course, didn't announce pricing details -- few TV makers do during a CES -- but it said the new sets represent "the best-in-class entertainment experience that sets the new benchmark by which all other TVs will be measured."

Vizio, known for making less expensive TVs, is confident to make that claim because it says the Reference Series TVs include "High Dynamic Range which combined with a powerful 800 nit bright backlight and 384 Active LED Zones for unprecedented contrast, Ultra-Color Spectrum with full support for true 10-bit color and incredible Ultra HD (4K) picture performance with Spatial Scaling Engine for unmatched transformation of 1080p HD content."

Now some of Vizio's language may have sailed over your head unless you have a MIT diploma hanging on the wall over that head.  But Matt McRae, Vizio's chief technology officer, says the bottom line is that the company has created the 'ultimate TV.'

"VIZIO started with a clean sheet of paper and asked, 'what would be the ultimate TV if there were no limitations or need to compromise?'  The result is the all-new Reference Series, which represents two years of research and development across every aspect of the platform," McRae says in the Vizio press release.

So what does CNET say?

"TV makers routinely boast about picture quality, but when a claim like 'Best TV in the World' comes from a company like Vizio -- best known for its bargain boob tubes -- it seems especially far-fetched," the site wrote in an article posted today.


CNET added that it's hard to imagine the Vizio sets outperforming the new OLED TVs or even Panasonic's best Plasma sets.

However, the article's author, David Katzmaier, wrote that he would keep an open mind, although he added a touch of skepticism:

"On paper, the Vizio Reference series seems to back up its claims, and in a brief demo I saw of preproduction units, I saw little to contradict its lofty aims. I can't wait to see how the picture looks during a review of a full production sample in my lab. Vizio assured me it would ship this year, so we'll see," he wrote.

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