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Vizio Unveils 'Affordable' 1080p HDTVs
Two LCD sets will also offer 120-Hz motion technology.
Washington, D.C. (June 26, 2008) -- Vizio announced yesterday that it will soon begin selling two LCD 1080p HDTVs that include the new 120Hz frame rate technology designed to reduce motion blur.

The sets -- a 42 inch Vizio
SV420XVT and the 47-inch Vizio SV470XVT -- are expected to go on sale next month at $1,499 and $1,899 respectively. The prices are a few hundred dollars less than you would pay for comparably-sized LCDs with 120Hz.

While the LCD delivers an exceptional picture, particularly in a well-lit room, some set owners complain that fast movement on screen during sports broadcasts sometimes create a monetary blurry effect. In recent months, TV makers have introduced the 120Hz frame rate technology, saying it should eliminate those artifacts.

Vizio calls its 120Hz technology "Smooth Motion" and suggests that it can also smooth out any image issues in the display of films on widescreen sets.

The company said both LCDs also include four HDMI ports and a contrast ratio of 6,500 to 1.

Vizio, a small California-based company which has become a flat-screen category leader, challenging Sony and other industry giants, also introduced a  50-inch
VP505XVT Plasma HDTV yesterday.

The company said the set, which will retail for $1,699, will be available in stores next month. The set claims a contrast ratio of 30,000-1 and it should have a life of 100,000 hours before it reaches half-brightness, up from 60,000 hours in previous models.

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